The Su Laboratory mobilizes expertise from organic and main group chemistry to explore electronic processes and biology at the nanoscale. We exploit modular synthetic chemistry to engineer specific functions into molecules, then apply these functional molecular materials towards addressing unmet challenges in quantum electronic transport and bioimaging. Drawing from core disciplines of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials science, and molecular & cell biology, students in the laboratory receive broad fundamental training in experimental techniques ranging from synthetic chemistry, spectroscopy, microscopy, biochemistry, and cell & animal work.


GROUP IV Molecular electronics

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We are developing new routes to synthesize atomically precise Si, Ge, and Sn cages, clusters, and polymers for applications in molecular electronics.

BOttom-Up Synthesis of

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We are creating molecular building blocks for synthesizing Si, Ge, and Sn ribbons and sheets for quantum electronic and spintronic applications.

chemical Tools for
Nanoscale bioimaging

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We are harnessing polymer and organic chemistry to develop new tools and capabilities for super-resolution microscopy and biomolecule imaging.